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Leadership Cortland 

Sponsored by the Cortland County Chamber of Commerce and Tompkins Cortland Community College

As emerging, engaged and energetic leaders within the community, Leadership Cortland prepares you to be a catalyst for positive change within Cortland County.

What is Volunteering?

Volunteering is the willingness to freely surrender your time or services to assist with a project or cause.  Volunteering can be performed on an individual or group basis and may occur in the community where you reside or outside of your local area.  

How can I learn more about volunteer opportunities in Cortland County?

A great source for information regarding volunteering opportunities is the web page created by a previous Leadership Cortland group, Connect Cortland.  This group compiled an online resource that lists all volunteer opportunities in Cortland County.  Visit their site and get involved!

Why is volunteering important?

One of the many benefits of volunteering  is the sense of feeling good from giving back.  Knowing that your contributions are enriching your community creates stronger community ties and pride.  Many individuals choose to volunteer as a way to establish a deeper connection to their community.  Others may seek volunteer opportunities as a means of professional growth by gaining experience in a field of interest.  Volunteering is also a fantastic way to network and build stronger community connections.